Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 18

This week marks the halfway point in our year of weekly poem sharing. How wonderful to see the year roll along one poem at a time! Up-and-coming poet Amy Ludwig VanDerwater wrote today's poem and was kind enough to give permission to share the WHOLE poem here. Enjoy this gem for Week 18 on the theme, "The Human Body," for First Grade.

Baby Tooth
   by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

One wiggly week.
One apple bite.
One twist.
One pull.
I won the fight.

My face is full
of first grade style.

My tongue
peeks out
a window
in the middle
of my smile.

[This poem is found in The Poetry Friday Anthology on p. 84.]

Take 5 Activities
1. As you read this poem aloud, pretend you have a loose tooth and pantomime the actions suggested in the poem (bite apple, twist tooth, pull tooth, peek out tongue, smile).

2. The word one is repeated several times in this poem. That’s the perfect way to invite students to participate in another oral reading. Raise one finger to cue students to joining in on saying one each time it occurs in the first stanza.

3. For discussion: What is the best way to lose a loose tooth?

4. Repetition is a key ingredient in creating poems. Sometimes a poet uses repetition not just to enhance the sound of the poem, but to emphasize meaning. Lead the students in discussing how the poet repeats the word one in every line of the first stanza, including the homonym won.

5. Combine this poem with another “Tooth” poem also by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater (Kindergarten, Week 18).

The first Poetry Friday gathering of 2013 is being hosted by Matt Forrest at Radio, Rhythm, and Rhyme here. See you there!


  1. Halfway - Hooray! And a great poem to share for today. Can't wait to see Amy's new book coming out this year.

  2. Thank you for including my poem here! Every time I visit a kindergarten or first grade classroom, I am charmed by their windowed smiles... a.

  3. When we started this project I wondered how we could classify a certain poem as a "Kindergarten poem" versus a "First Grade poem"--but certain poems really did jump out as belonging in one grade or another. I feel confident saying that Amy's two poems on losing teeth ("Tooth" in the Kindergarten section and "Baby Tooth" in the First Grade section) really are model examples of how to match subject and form with grade level. Thank you, Amy, for your masterful work!!