Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 17

Is the weather cold and snowy where you are? Maybe not, but either way, it's a fun time to spend together with friends and family. For Week 17 our featured poem for the theme "Time Together" is for second grade and is written by Betsy Franco. Enjoy this nugget from her vivid poem.

After Sledding
by Betsy Franco

The kettle sings.
Wheee, heee.
A cocoa treat
fills all our cups.    

Shivery cold,
we grab a quilt
and huddle close,
all bundled up.


Crackle, spit,
the fire glows.
We sip and giggle,
cozy warm.

[Find the poem in its entirety in The Poetry Friday Anthology on p. 123.]

Take 5 Activities
1. As you read this poem, hold a mug and sip (or pretend to sip) as if the beverage were very hot. Add shivering and huddling motions while reading the poem aloud.

2. Next, read the poem aloud again and invite students to say the “sound” words in the poem (Wheee, heee; Whooo, whooo; crackle, spit) while you read the rest aloud. Cue them by holding up your mug when it’s their turn.

3. For discussion: What are some of your favorite things to do on a cold day?

4. Challenge the students to see if they recognize the sound words in this poem (Wheee, heee; Whooo, whooo; crackle, spit) and talk about what other words the poet might have chosen. Then read the poem aloud again with students chiming in to highlight the sound words again.

5. Share another poem about waiting out a storm, “Stormy Day” by Rebecca Kai Dotlich (Kindergarten, Week 17) or selections from Winter Trees by Carole Gerber.

Look for the whole Poetry Friday crowd hosted by Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe.

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  1. It also would be fun to add or subtract vowels in the sound words and have kids read them. Should Betsy Franco have added fewer vowels? More vowels? I think it's perfect! Also: reading the poem without any of the sound words shows (I think) how much they add.