Thursday, January 24, 2013

Week 21

It's Week 21 in our year-long sharing of poetry every Friday. Grab your copy of The Poetry Friday Anthology and turn to page 167 for this gem-- one of my personal favorites from the whole collection. It's "The Do Kind" by Janet Wong and it's in our Third Grade section under the theme of "Love and Friendship."

The Do Kind  
   by Janet Wong

When my ball flies over the wall,
you run and get it back.

When my books fall down the stairs,
you help me pick them up.

Some friends are see friends,
me me me friends.

You are the do kind,
the me and you kind.

Take 5
1. Before sharing this poem (in a soft voice), point out to students that many poems are humorous, but some are serious—like this one.

2. Read the poem aloud again and this time invite students to chime in on the words me me me in Line 6 and me and you in Line 8. Cue students by pointing to your ear.

3. For discussion: What makes a friend special to you?

4. Poems usually rhyme at the end of lines, but sometimes they rhyme in the middle too—called internal rhyme. Challenge the students to find the internal rhyming words in the lines of this poem (see/me; do/you).

5. Link this poem with another poem about friendship by Janet Wong, “Forgive and Forget” (2nd Grade, Week 22), and with selections from The Friendly Four by Eloise Greenfield.

Tabatha is hosting Poetry Friday over at her blog, The Opposite of Indifference. Check it out!


  1. This poem is one of my favorites (of my own poems), too, because I really treasure the "do kind" friends of mine--the friends I can count on to recognize when I need help. I want kids to think about what friendship truly means (not just on Valentine's Day, but this IS a good time of year for this discussion!).

    My dream: to have my poem paired in a classroom discussion with Jacqueline Woodson's brilliant and important picture book EACH KINDNESS, illustrated by E.B. Lewis--to reinforce the message that our actions--even small actions--can make a big difference.

  2. Great poem!! The "Take 5" are helpful, too. Thanks for sharing this, Sylvia.

  3. I's always nice when a child can enjoy a poem for its own sake, and also learn something at the same time. Really like this!

  4. The "do kind" of friend is my favorite, too! Thanks for sharing this wonderful reminder of the best kind of friendship. Happy Friday! =)

  5. This is one of my favorite poems in the entire anthology! I firmly believe in the small kindnesses too. I love how Janet contains this wonderful sentiment with such far reaching implications in so few words.

  6. Yep, one of my favorites in the whole book, too. Thank you Janet, for writing it, and Sylvia, for highlighting it today!

  7. Love this one, and Woodson's book, too! Janet, would you accept second-best by having your poem paired with WONDER by R.J. Palacio, my current read aloud?

  8. I love this. So important and so simply said. I'm certain this poem would kindle a wonderful discussion about friendship.

  9. WONDER: Yes!!!! Pair away, Mary Lee!