Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week 19

It's Week 19 of our year of sharing poems every Friday and our theme this week offers a second focus on the Human Body. Here is an excerpt from one poem from one grade level-- third grade-- written by Carol-Ann Hoyte.

It's a Wrap
by Carol-Ann Hoyte

I’m the
waterproof wrapping
which warms you up
and cools you down;


do not despair
‘cause I self repair.

Answer:  You'll have to get the book to find the answer!

[You'll find the whole poem and the answer to the riddle in The Poetry Friday Anthology, p. 165.]

Take 5
1. Read this poem aloud, and ask students to guess what this poem is about. If needed, point out clue words such as cut, scratch, bruise, bump.

2. For a follow up reading, invite students to finish the poem by reading the last two lines (do not despair / ‘cause I self repair) while you read the rest aloud. (You may need to explain the word despair.)

3. Use this teachable moment to talk about basic first aid and how to handle simple cuts, scratches, bruises, and bumps.

4. This poem is an example of a riddle poem. Guide students in identifying the clues that suggest the poem subject. Then talk about how the lines are arranged (with words even broken up like lay- / ered) to dole out the facts bit by bit--and how only the final two lines rhyme.

5. Link this poem with another riddle poem by Carol-Ann Hoyte, “From Root to Tip” (5th Grade, Week 19).

Join the whole crew celebrating Poetry Friday hosted by the wonderful Renee LaTulippe at No Water River here. 


  1. Fun poem and fabulous book! I bought it for my daughter's 3rd grade teacher. Love the teaching tips - perfect take away.

  2. Every share from this book is always so great. I need to buy a copy for my school. Thanks!