Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 29

Here we are at Week 29 in our year of sharing poetry every Friday. Our theme focuses on poetry itself, with "Poetry Poems." It's always fun to use the form of poetry to celebrate poetry itself. Our example this week comes from third grade and compares poetry to the sea. Check it out! Here's an excerpt.

Poem Like the Sea
by Patricia Hubbell

Like the sea
A poem
Can be
Wild and wavy
Or smooth and calm


Like the night
A poem
Can be
Cozy or scary


Like the stars
A poem
Glitter and shine


[Get your copy of The Poetry Friday Anthology to read the poem in its entirety on p. 175.]

Take 5 Strategies

1. Tuck a copy of this poem into a can and label it, “A POEM CAN.” Show the can before taking the poem out and reading it and challenge students to listen for the repeated phrase "a poem can" as you read the poem aloud.

2. Then follow up by inviting students to say the words "A poem can" as you read the rest of the poem aloud. (You also may want to explain the pun or double meaning in using the phrase "a poem can" two ways.)

3. Talk with students about any poems they have read or heard that were cozy or scary like the night.

4. Discuss with students how poets can create poems in many different ways. Here the poet combines several features in the poem: the repetition of key words (Like the phrase, "a poem can"), the four-line stanza, and a lyrical description in each stanza (in the form of a simile). Yet, the poem does not rhyme. Then read the poem aloud together once again.

5. Connect this poem with another about poems, “Recipe for a Poem” by Kristy Dempsey (2nd Grade, Week 29).

Now scoot on over to Gottabook where Greg is hosting Poetry Friday.  See you there!

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  1. I finally did buy a copy of the anthology. Enjoying it so far.