Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 24

It is Week 24 in our weekly sharing of poems every Friday in grades K through 5. This week our theme is Science and Technology. We are so pleased to include a science/technology-themed poem for every grade level since it's not your typical topic for poetry. But our poets provided several fun and thoughtful examples. Here is Stephanie Calmenson's poem for Kindergarten.

They Call It “Science”
   by Stephanie Calmenson

They call it science.
I call it why-ence.
Why is the sky blue?
Why do I look like me and not like you?


I like to ask "WHY?"!

[Go to p. 50 for the poem in its entirety in The Poetry Friday Anthology.]

Take 5 Strategies

1. Create a simple sign or card with the word why on it. Show it each time the word appears as you read the poem aloud. Pause dramatically before each line.

2. Read the poem aloud again and invite students to say the final “WHY?” in the poem. Cue them by holding up the why card.

3. Challenge the students to think of two more “why” questions.

4. Sometimes poets make up words to make their poems even more interesting. Help students find the “made up” word in this poem (why-ence).

5. Follow up with another poem full of questions: “Dreamland” by Carole Boston Weatherford
(2nd Grade, Week 19).

Look for the Poetry Friday gathering this week hosted by Linda over at TeacherDance. See you there!


  1. Thank you for sharing my poem "They Call It Science" along with great teaching tips. I'm excited about the March 1st release date of your latest: "The Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School". Keep the poetry coming!

  2. Inventing the word "why-ence" (to capture the essence of science) was brilliant, Stephanie! Love this poem!!

  3. I haven't read every one of the lessons, but have read all the poems. This is a good one for several different things, including questions. I suspect kids will love the 'why-ence'.