Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 10

It's Week 10 and time to tackle a favorite poem topic: FOOD! Our sample poem comes from third grade and is by the Newbery award-winning author Linda Sue Park. Here's an excerpt from her humorous ice cream-themed poem.

Two Scoops
by Linda Sue Park

An ice-cream cone may seem at first
the best of things to eat.
Beware, beware! For danger lurks
within this icy treat.


From cone to hand, from hand to wrist,
the drips slip fast, then faster.
Beware, beware the peril of
an elbow-deep disaster


For the rest of this delectable poem, go to p. 156. Get your copy of The Poetry Friday Anthology HERE!

Take 5
1. Add a bit of fun to sharing this poem with a poetry prop—a paper ice cream cone with three round scoops.

2. In sharing the poem aloud again, students can say the word beware with great drama each time it occurs. Cue students by raising your fake ice cream cone!

3. Survey students about their favorite ice cream flavors.

4. This poem is another good example of humorous poetry. Talk with students about how the poet creates humor in this poem through describing a funny experience with some exaggeration. Pinpoint examples in the words and phrases the poet uses to create a scene in your mind.

5. Connect this poem with “Who Invented Cookies?” by Joan Bransfield Graham (Kindergarten, Week 10).

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  1. The aroma of this post lured me here today. My favorite subject in the PFA!!

  2. Haha--I love LInda Sue's poetry. Although it doesn't seem quite fair that she can write gorgeous prose AND poetry. This is a fun one--must go share:>)