Friday, August 31, 2012

Poetry Friday Mini-Grants Available

Tell us your poetry story and win a free copy of The Poetry Friday Anthology—either an advance copy of the paperback book or a copy of the e-book version (your choice). Are you brand new to poetry, but eager to start sharing poems with your students? Or are you looking for new ways to keep poetry fresh?

Send us a paragraph proposal saying why you want to instigate Poetry Friday sharing in your school, library, or educational context, along with your name, affiliation, email, mailing address and paperback or e-book preference.

Twenty-five respondents will receive a Poetry Friday start up kit and become Poetry Friday Ambassadors. Send application information to: info at pomelobooks dot com. 

Deadline: Oct. 1, 2012

Winners will be announced here, too.


  1. Please let me and Sylvia know . . . Which would be better for the kit? Which would you rather have: something with "Poetry Friday Ambassador" written on it, or something with "TGI (Poetry) F"?

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  3. My poetry life
    Is simple, at best
    To win this book

    Would help me finish this little poem

    (system won't let my Wordpress I'd go through)
    I am at. Http://
    Sue Morris

    I am following your blog

  4. Can you have another mini-grant open up? =)